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Market Update from Our CEO- 05.06.16

Daily Quote: Coming out of your comfort zone is tough in the beginning, chaotic in the middle, and awesome in the end...because in the end, it shows you a whole new world !! Make an attempt...

Posted in Articles on May 6, 2016

10 Deadly Homebuying Pitfalls

From Merrimack Valley MA Real Estate Buying a home is a big deal. There are many home buying pitfalls a buyer can make. This article will discuss some of the bigger pitfalls that can make your home purchase less than perfect. These deadly pitfalls can cost you tons of money, cause lots of aggravation or both!.

Posted in Articles on May 5, 2016

Tips To Set Aside Down Payment for a New Home

A down payment on a new home represents a major chunk of change for most people..

Posted in Articles on May 4, 2016

Please Support Jose Arango of AnnieMac Home Mortgage in the Loss of His Daughter Laura.

Jose Arango, Mortgage Loan Originator for AnnieMac Home Mortgage, sadly lost his daughter Laura Arango on April 27th, 2016, in a car crash in Jamaica. Laura was on vacation at the time. Unfortunately, this devastating event has left her one-year-old son, Jacob, without a mother. This not only affects her immediate family, but her AnnieMac family as well..

Posted in Articles on Apr 29, 2016

AnnieMac CEO Presents $70,000 Check to Help Kids Affected by Cancer

AnnieMac Home Mortgage CEO Joseph Panebianco was on-hand for a South Jersey Young Professionals Association event Tuesday night, where he helped present a $70,000 check to Camp No Worries..

Posted in Articles on Apr 27, 2016

Congratulations to The Mortgage Company

A modern-day re-enactment of the David and Goliath story is playing out in Eastern Pennsylvania. Recent industry reports have AnnieMac as the number one home lender for dollar volume in Lehigh and Northampton counties for March, 2015, through February, 2016, and beating out some well-known industry giants..

Posted in Articles on Apr 21, 2016

AnnieMac's Team Courtney Continues to Bring in Donations for

The Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon took place on April 10. But AnnieMac's Team Courtney continues to bring in donations for, an Ardmore-based nonprofit dedicated to providing up-to-date and accurate information about breast cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment..

Posted in Articles on Apr 18, 2016

Market Update from Our CEO- 04.15.16

Daily Quote: Your greatest assets are a cheerful heart, a smiling face, a helping hand, and the time at your disposal. Use them for good, use them wisely, and use them for success..

Posted in Articles on Apr 15, 2016

2016 Philadelphia Love Run Recap

AnnieMac's participants in the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon on April 10 dealt with unseasonably low temperatures, some pretty brutal uphill climbs and a post-run blister or two in the course of completing the 13.1-mile race..

Posted in Articles on Apr 14, 2016

Converting a Garage into Living Space

Converting your garage into a living space? On the one hand, it's a way to expand your home's living space without a full-scale expansion.

Posted in Articles on Apr 14, 2016

AnnieMac Blog Spotlight: "Our House Now a Home

Emily, a mother of three, dedicated herself to making her house look its best for her family, and doing it on a relatively low budget. In this blog, she details some of her projects..

Posted in Articles on Apr 13, 2016

Three AnnieMac LMOs Named Among Top 1% in Nation

"Mortgage Executive Magazine" recently released its list of the Top 1% Mortgage Originators in America for 2015. And it includes three Licensed Mortgage Originators from AnnieMac — Terri Santiago-Parker, Mike Bower and Steve Slaski..

Posted in Articles on Apr 12, 2016

AnnieMac in the Community: Marc Zitelman Lends His Time to Junior Achievement USA

Marc Zitelman, an AnnieMac Licensed Mortgage Originator based in Crofton, Md., recently volunteered to help middle schoolers in his neighborhood become more financially literate. Marc taught Junior Achievement USA's "Economics for Success" course to 30 6th graders..

Posted in Articles on Apr 11, 2016

AnnieMac Home Mortgage's Scottsdale Team participated in a Habitat for Humanity Project

A group from AnnieMac Home Mortgage's Scottsdale Team participated in a Habitat for Humanity project the weekend of April 2 and 3..

Posted in Articles on Apr 8, 2016

AnnieMac Home Mortgage's Own Christine Beckwith will Join Victoria Rivadeneira This Evening on The Real Estate RIVAlution

AnnieMac Home Mortgage's own Christine Beckwith will join Victoria Rivadeneira this evening on The Real Estate RIVAlution, a talk show on WRCR AM out of Rockland County, New York. The topic is "Building Real Relationships in Business." No, you won't get any dating advice. But you will get some valuable insights on increasing your profitability..

Posted in Articles on Apr 6, 2016