Trending Halloween Porch Décor Trends to Try This Year

Halloween Porch Décor Trends to Try This Year

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It is officially spooky season, which means it is time to start decorating for Halloween. If you have a front porch attached to your home, you may be wondering how to decorate for Halloween and prepare for trick-or-treaters properly. We've researched for you and developed a list of tips and tricks to ensure this Halloween season is a success. Here are some Halloween front porch décor ideas to make your home stand out from the rest. From DIY Halloween porch décor ideas to fall-inspired trends, we have you covered!

Halloween Porch Décor Ideas

No matter what kind of impression you want to make this Halloween season, we have some ideas for you! Whether you are going for a creepy vibe or taking inspiration from our favorite friendly ghost, we have rounded up some ways to do so.

The More Orange, the Better!

Pumpkins are the epitome of fall and Halloween décor. For a less spooky look, line your porch and stairway with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. This will give your porch a welcoming aesthetic while still keeping the fall vibes.

Mum's the Word!

Another fall outdoor décor staple, mums are the perfect addition to any front porch. Get creative with your mum planters this Halloween season by painting them to look like ghosts or black cats. Mums are not only the perfect fall decoration, but they also bloom beautifully and give your front porch a well-maintained and welcoming feeling.

Halloween Porch Décor: Light It Up

Light it Up

Brighten up your walkway and front porch with some Halloween paper luminaries. These DIY decorations are fun for the whole family to design and will make your home look spooky while also illuminating your walkways. To make your luminaries, start with a paper bag and cut out eyes, smiles, and noses to look like carved pumpkins. Then, to illuminate your paper bags, lay out a string of holiday lights. Cut a hole in the bottom of your bags and insert a light into the hole to make your faces glow. This DIY decoration idea is sure to keep your family busy and light up your front porch in a fun and spooky way.

Wicked Whites

Black and orange are not the only spooky colors of Halloween. Try decorating your front porch with white objects to give it a creepy and sophisticated look. White pumpkins, white mums, and a white wooden chair can be both chic and chilling!

Spiders, Webs, and Creepy Crawlers, oh my!

Spiders and spider webs always give a house a haunted vibe, especially during the month of October. Make your own spider webs with braided yarn or buy some webs from your local Spirt Halloween and stretch the web across your railing and front door.

Halloween Porch Décor: Door Decor

Door Decor

Deck out your door with some cardstock eyes to give the illusion that someone (or something) may be watching! This DIY door activity is great for those with little kids who want to help out with decorating. To take this idea a little further, create a mouth out of leftover paper to make the door look like a house from "Monster House" This is sure to gather attention from passerby's and trick-or-treaters.

Trending Topic: Hanging Witch Hats!

Be prepared to see a lot of hanging witch hats this Halloween season! To accomplish this fun illusion, hang some witch hats from fishing wire on the ceiling of your porch to make the hats look like they are floating in mid air. People are bound to be impressed by your spooky and creative decorations. Here is a full list of instructions to achieve this illusion.

There are many different ways to decorate your porch this Halloween season! If you have tried any of our ideas, please tag us on Instagram @anniemacnation so we can see all of your hard work.