How to Cut Glass Tile

How to Cut Glass Tile

Apr 3, 2017


From: Bob Vila

By: Glenda Taylor

Glass tiles are still enjoying their day in the sun as homeowners continue to incorporate these trendy tiles into their home renovation projects. With their easy-to-clean, glossy surface, durability, and versatility, glass tiles provide an attractive option for backsplashes, shower walls, and bathroom accents. What’s more, glass tiles have a clear or jewel-toned hue that radiates light, producing a shimmering effect you won’t find in ceramic tiles.

Installing glass tiles is a DIY-friendly project that requires little in the way of grunt work. That said, however, cutting the tiles to fit in corners or around outlets can be tricky, because the glass surface tends to shatter easily. The best tools to use for cutting glass tile depend on the size of the project and the type of tile you’re installing. To cover all possible scenarios, we detail below how to cut glass tile using four different tools: a wet saw, a manual scoring wheel, a bar cutter, and wheeled mosaic nippers.

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